Mobile Wellness Van brings IV Therapy to Greenhills Doorsteps

Dear Greenhills Resident,

Greetings from the REVIV PHILIPPINES team! REVIV Philippines is the local representative of REVIV, the leading global brand for intravenous (IV) vitamin hydration and wellness therapy.

We are currently able to administer IV therapy via the REVIV PH Wellness Mobile Van , a strictly sanitized clinic-on-wheels. On appointment, we will deploy the van to your doorstep (or your preferred location in Luzon) for your IV infusion convenience.

Our IV therapy packages are:

◦    Royal FlushDeluxe IV

◦    VitaglowAnti-Oxidant IV

◦    MegaboostWellness IV

◦    UltravivRecovery IV

◦    Hydromax

More detailed information can be obtained here: while prices of the packages are here:

As a special privilege to you, we will give an extra Vitamin C Boost free-of-charge on top of any of the IV therapy packages mentioned above.

Would you be interested in talking about a continuing REVIV wellness IV therapy infusion? We would be glad to create a special VIP privilege package for you and your family members.

Looking forward to connecting,

Tanya Deldar
Team REVIV Philippines

Book now at 091788REVIV!

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