Chinese Street Food Favorite Now Available in San Juan from FROZEN MNL

Here's a treat we are looking forward to ordering : Chef Tsay Onion Pizza (Scallion Pancake).

In a Facebook post from the people behind FROZEN, this yummy and easy to cook delicacy is now available  on the FROZEN MNL platform.

While it looks like a pizza or a pancake, one should never call it as such.  Call it cōngyóubǐng! Sounds like concubine so it's easy to remember!

It is one of the better Chinese street food be it a cold night in Beijing or a rainy night in Taipei. Those of you who travel a lot and have tried the night food markets of Taipei would have enjoyed this.

Frozen MNL is a business which opened during the start of the community quarantine in March 2020 designed to cater to customers needing basic meat necessities, from whole chicken to different cuts of pork. FROZEN MNL's products are locally sourced from growers across the country. It has moved on to carry other things apart from meat like this delicacy.

Other delicacies under the Chef Tsay line include betso-betso and vegetarian dumplings.

Follow this link to order:

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